Ticket to Ride (…a Bicycle)

Everyone’s path to owning their own Brompton (or “Brommie”) is different… here I’ve shared my own Brompton story.

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As long as I can remember, I’ve always had a bike. But until very recently, Iwouldnever have imagined owning anything like my latest acquisition… a Brompton.

We rode a lot as kids – either just around our front yards with the kids next door, or on family rides from Mt Gravatt (a suburb on Brisbane’s south side where we lived) to Stones Corner and back, or through Toohey’s Forest, or sometimes over to Annerley to meet Dad riding home from work, and once or twice into the city – that was always a big ride.

The whole family about to go for a ride in late 1980's style The whole family about to go for a ride in late 1980’s style

Things were made a bit easier when the bike path along the South East Freeway was put in, but going home was alwaysharder than coasting away downhill, whatever our destination. Living on hill also meant there was a good chance you’d find…

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About Dayna

I'm interested in nature, hiking and photography - but these have been somewhat overwhelmed by a new passion... my Brompton folding bikes! You can follow me on Twitter: @daynaa2000 or @Brompton_MEL Or find me hanging out most Saturdays at Velo Electric & Folding (http://velocycles.com.au/folding-bikes/) or on a Melbourne Brompton Club ride! (https://melbournebromptonclub.wordpress.com)
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