I reckon the stock Brompton Tyre gets a bad rap

As stocked with every modern Brompton

As stocked with every modern Brompton

I think the stock Brompton tyres get a bad rap.
Sure, they’re not as invincible as Marathons, nor as light and grippy as Kojaks, but they’re a great compromise between the two. However, as with all tyres, it’s best to give them a little help.

Yesterday whilst riding to work I noticed a LOT of broken glass. Everywhere. (Perhaps something to do with grown men chasing a ball around a field?) Anyway, I avoided large sections but I was mindful I had likely ridden over some at some point.

I found 6 shards of glass, and 2 small pieces of wire-like metal in my tyres. No, they had not penetrated. In fact, they may have been there for some time. But, if left there, each revolution they may be just easing their way closer, through the tough kevlar belt, into my tube.

So, I’m sticking with the stock ones.  Good protection. Long life.  Reflecto stripe. Nice and agile.  And… you’re all going to give your tyres a once-over, aren’t you?


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