Ride to Coburg Lake

Not for the first time has the threat of rain foreshadowed a monthly ride. And not for the first time has day turned out perfectly lovely.

Bromptons and riders outside Velo Cycles, Carlton North

Bromptons and riders outside Velo Cycles, Carlton North (Thanks Stephen for taking the pic!)

We had another two stage ride today – the first meeting point was at Federation Square. I met Monica, Khoa, Derek and Estella there and rode with them to Green Park (next to Velo Cycles) to meet up with Stanley, Elsie and Stephen.

From Velo, the ride plan was very straight forward: leave Capital City Trail at Merri Creek Trail and follow it upstream until we reached Coburg Lake Reserve – stopping to regroup and for a couple of pics along the way, of course!

Merri Creek is really pretty; some of this is due to willows (at least, they look like willows to me) draping their long boughs down to touch the ground, and some of it is the sparkle of sunlight off the ripples in the flowing water.

A pretty spot along the creek. (This pic was from a solo ride last year.)

A pretty spot along the creek. (This pic was from a solo ride last year.)

As I was leading the ride for most of the way, I don’t have many photos of us actually riding to share. Any that I have included of my red Brompton are from a previous ride along this trail that I did late last year. Today I was riding my Blue BuB (back-up Brompton) as my red B had a flat. Thank goodness for Blue BuB!

Although Merri Creek Trail follows Merri Creek rather closely, you would be mistaken to think that this is a cruisey ride with a level gradient… you’re more likely to find yourself using most of your gears – even if you’re riding a 6 speed Brompton – to negotiate the underpasses, overpasses and hill climbs through parks bordering the creek.

The best part about this ride is that it is all on a shared path. It’s not always very wide, but enough for two riders going in different directions to pass each other carefully.

Crossing a bridge over Merri Creek

Crossing a bridge over Merri Creek

It was a very casual ride upstream, but about 8.5km later we had arrived!

There are some nice facilities at the reserve – various playgrounds to keep kids entertained, walkways to explore, toilets – but there aren’t any cafes or corner stores nearby to stop for a cold drink or ice-cream (or lunch if you’re planning an earlier ride).

We had a quick look around, gave the brightly coloured wooden seats at the top of the hill a good sitting on, then headed back for Green Park.

Heading for home

Heading for home

Many thanks to everyone who came out for our April ride. 😀

At this stage our next club ride will likely be Sunday 29th May, unless you’re planning to come along to the Melbourne Tweed Ride (Sunday 15th May). The event is free, but you’ll need some “dapper Tweeds” (or vintage clothing, at the very least).

And don’t forget that we have our first overnight ride coming up on the Queen’s Birthday long weekend in June. See more here: Weekend Ride to Warburton.

Happy Bromptoneering until next ride everyone! 🙂


About Dayna

I'm interested in nature, hiking and photography - but these have been somewhat overwhelmed by a new passion... my Brompton folding bikes! You can follow me on Twitter: @daynaa2000 or @Brompton_MEL Or find me hanging out most Saturdays at Velo Electric & Folding (http://velocycles.com.au/folding-bikes/) or on a Melbourne Brompton Club ride! (https://melbournebromptonclub.wordpress.com)
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5 Responses to Ride to Coburg Lake

  1. David Balding says:

    Hello Dayna

    I get email notices like the one below about your post-ride posts but I don’t get any info before the ride, can you put me on an email list and I will try to join some rides in future




    • Dayna says:

      Hi David,
      Are you on Facebook at all? That is the most reliable way to keep up-to-date with MBC activities…. I understand some people can’t (or prefer not to) for various reasons.
      I’m not always organised enough to do a blog post ahead of time, but I’ll endeavour to send you a text or email.
      Thanks for the message. 🙂


  2. Gail Rehbein says:

    Looks like another very pleasant Brompton ride Dayna.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dayna says:

      Thanks, Gail.
      The end of month ride is always fun, but having the weather cooperate was certainly a nice bonus!
      Looks like you’re enjoying some lovely weather in Oslo at the moment, too! Just like sunny Queensland – but with a lot more bikes! 😉
      Happy riding 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      • Gail Rehbein says:

        Thanks Dayna – the weather is ideal here at the moment for bike riding. Very sunny and not too cool. Being spring, the locals are pretty happy to be out on their bikes again. It’s great to see!
        Good riding to you too 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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