Lilydale to Warburton Rail Trail – Melbourne Brompton Club Ride, 11 June 2016

On the Saturday of this year’s Queen’s Birthday long weekend (i.e. THIS coming Saturday!) we are riding part of the Warburton Rail Trail (“WRT”). The broad-gauge railway line closed in 1965, but thankfully the route is open to cyclists, walkers and horseriders as a rail trail, allowing us to discover the history and beauty of this section of the Yarra Valley.


While it is certainly possible to ride the whole trail in one day (it’s 40km from Lilydale to Warburton), we’re not out to accomplish that feat on this ride. Our pace will, as usual, be determined by slowest members of the group so that everyone enjoys themselves and no one feels left behind.

A rough itinerary of the day is as follows:

Meeting point: Lilydale Train Station, Lilydale
Meeting time: 10:30am

Options to get to Lilydale Train Station

  1. Drive to Lilydale Train Station; or
  2. Catch a direct train from Southern Cross Station (9:09am, Platform 10) or Parliament Station (9:16am, Platform 4); or
  3. Catch a connecting train from Flinders St Station (9:12am, Platform 8), changing trains at Richmond Station (9:19am, Platform 9).

Lunch stop / Turn around point: to be decided to on the day. The Yarra Valley council has a website with a brief summary of each leg of the ride which also notes the facilities at each location here: Finding a place to stop for lunch shouldn’t be a hassle.

COG Bike Cafe (in Warburton) have even provided an elevation map of the WRT – very kind of them.

Return to Lilydale Train Station: Approx 4pm, but that is entirely dependent upon how far we ride, and what pace the group is comfortable with.

As the trail surface is gravel (fine to medium, from the pictures online), it is recommended that you bring a toolkit and puncture repair kit (a Brompton toolkit, of course, includes patches for your inner tube) just in case you find yourself with a puncture. Don’t forget your Brompton pump too, if you take it off the bike.

If the weather looks a bit iffy (but we still decided to proceed with the ride), please make sure to lubricate your chain the night before. There’s nothing quite as cringe-worthy as trying to ride with a chain that’s clunking because the oil’s washed off. (Ok, maybe there are, but that one’s fairly high on my list of things to avoid.)

Please let me know if you are planning to join this ride by commenting below, accepting your invitation on the Facebook event, or contacting us on Twitter.

And now a quick reminder of an upcoming event, definitely not to be missed:

2016 Brompton luggage launch! Velo Electric and Folding are having a special event on Saturday, 9 July 2016 to launch to the new range of Brompton luggage. I’ve seen it online and can’t wait to see it in store! Looking forward to seeing lots of Bromptoneers there. (And in case you need even more incentive, there will be finger food provided!)

Happy Bromptoneering everyone! 🙂


About Dayna

I'm interested in nature, hiking and photography - but these have been somewhat overwhelmed by a new passion... my Brompton folding bikes! You can follow me on Twitter: @daynaa2000 or @Brompton_MEL Or find me hanging out most Saturdays at Velo Electric & Folding ( or on a Melbourne Brompton Club ride! (
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One Response to Lilydale to Warburton Rail Trail – Melbourne Brompton Club Ride, 11 June 2016

  1. Dayna says:

    Reblogged this on MELBOURNE BROMPTON CLUB and commented:

    UPDATE: Warburton Trail Ride is now this Sunday, 12 June 2016.
    All other details on the original post remain unchanged.
    Thanks everyone. Happy Bromptoneering!


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