The ride that was (and wasn’t) meant to be – Melbourne Brompton Club Ride, 12 June 2016

Already rescheduled three times, it was track works on the Lilydale train line that put the final nail in the coffin of the Warburton Rail Trail ride on the Queen’s Birthday long weekend. Defeated only for the time being, we will try to ride this trail later in the year.

Still keen for a ride, we decided to meet at Federation Square (our “usual”) and figure it out from there.

Stephen’s proposal was to follow the Yarra River down to the Westgate Bridge, then continue around the bay to St Kilda. His plan was uncontested, so we set off – after the obligatory group photo, naturally!

It wasn’t long before we caught up with other Bromptoneers! By pure coincidence we had happened upon four Brompton riders currently on holiday from Singapore! We knew they were in town because they stopped in to see Cory at Velo Electric & Folding a few days before, and he posted a photo on our MBC Facebook page. They were surprised to see us because they knew that we were supposed to be riding the Warburton Rail Trail today. When we explained the train situation, it turned out one of their friends was also unable to join their ride for exactly the same reason.

As they were headed in the same direction (but were planning to ride further down the Bay Trail to Brighton) we decided to ride at least the first part of the way together.

Our route took us across nearly all of the shared bicycle/pedestrian bridges as we made our down-river: Sandridge (previously), then Seafarers and lastly Webb Bridge.

Reaching the end of the apartment buildings along the waterfront at Docklands it was now time to hit the streets. There isn’t a bike lane along Lorimer Street, but on the other hand there isn’t much traffic of a Sunday either, so it was a pleasant ride all the way to Westgate Bridge, with Stephen acting as our local tour guide.

The bike path at the end of Larimer Street took us through Westgate Park – which I’ve only ever seen from above before, looking down from Westgate Bridge as we head back towards the city.

The lake wasn’t pink on this occasion, or we’d have definitely stopped to take a few photos! We exited out the south-east side of the park; from there it’s just a short ride along Todd Road to the Bay Trail and on to Princes Pier.

Princes Pier is an icon of Port Philip, and a location favoured by photographers. Having a decent number of brightly coloured Bromptons to play with was certainly fun. And we you can’t not check out each other’s mods. Sure, the dealer stickers aren’t exactly “modifications”, but damn they look good!

We left the Singaporean girls at Princes Pier with tips for continuing to Brighton (and the return home) and continued down to St Kilda for lunch – fish ‘n’ chips on Acland Street.

Lunch was the end of our group ride, and from Acland Street we each made our own way home. Stephen and I chose to head directly back to the city via St Kilda Road. I hadn’t bothered to stop Strava so you can see most of our ride, but from Federation Square to Acland Street in St Kilda (the bottom point of the red line) we’d ridden 19km.

Our route from Federation Square to St Kilda, then Stephen's and my route back to the city via St Kilda Road

Our route from Federation Square to St Kilda, then Stephen’s and my route back to the city via St Kilda Road

Thanks to Monica and Jane for their patience – and keenness – in seeing this ride through it’s various incarnations. Apologies to those who were unable to make it this time.


Melburn Roobaix – 26 June 2016
Registered participants received an email with “Everything you need to know” for this year’s event. If you are participating, planning to ride your Brompton, and wish to ride with us but haven’t yet let us know please do so!

Brompton Luggage Launch – Velo Cycles, 9 July 2016
Finally, (FINALLY!) Brompton’s 2016 range of luggage has arrived on our shores, and who isn’t excited?! Even if you think you’ve got all the luggage you need, you should come along to Velo Cycles (815 Nicholson Street, Carlton North, Vic, 3054) to have a gander at the goods, a chinwag with some fellow Bromptoneers, and some delightful tea and scones.
Definitely one to put in the diary!

Wall of Brompton Luggage at Velo Electric & Folding

Some of the new Brompton Luggage at Velo Electric & Folding

Until next time, happy Bromptoneering everyone.  🙂


About Dayna

I'm interested in nature, hiking and photography - but these have been somewhat overwhelmed by a new passion... my Brompton folding bikes! You can follow me on Twitter: @daynaa2000 or @Brompton_MEL Or find me hanging out most Saturdays at Velo Electric & Folding ( or on a Melbourne Brompton Club ride! (
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