Brompton Circuit – Get in the saddle and go!

Cory's M6L at Brunswick Velo

Cory’s M6L at Brunswick Velo

As a part of celebrating the 200th birthday of the bicycle, Bicycle Network are having a party at Brunswick Velodrome, (off Harrison Street in Brunswick East, or accessible via the Merri Creek Trail) on Sunday, June 11th from 11am until around 2pm..

There will be heaps happening, including something completely Bromptonesque.

Any Bromptonauts can rock up and participate in a ‘fun event’ we’re calling the ‘Brompton Circuit‘.  It’ll be a Le-Mans start, run and grab your bike, unfold, and then do a circuit of the velodrome.  It all depends upon how many we get, but if there’s more than around ten they’ll probably have multiple starts in waves – it’s mainly just to show off the wonder of the Brompton, than racing for glory.  So don’t be concerned if you’re worried about people taking things to seriously. Dress up, dress down, just bring your Brommie. We’ll all be winners on the day!

If you can make it, and you’re Facebookish, please add your name to the list on this event. Otherwise, we’ll see you there!

(Oh, and if you don’t mind hanging around after the ‘Circuit’ event and talking to people about Bromptons in general, head over to the Velo Cycles/Velo Electric & Folding marquee).


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