MBC ride to the Melbourne Tram Museum – 12 August 2017

Trams are synonymous with Melbourne; after all, they have been operating continuously around our city since the late 1800’s despite their rise and fall (and recent rise again) in popularity elsewhere. Where better than Melbourne to have a tram museum?

The Melbourne Tram Museum’s next Open Day is 12 August. As the museum in Hawthorn is just a relaxed 30min ride along Main Yarra Trail, this probably won’t be the ‘official’ August club ride, but a bonus ride. All friends are welcome to join.

Ride details
Starting location:  Federation Square
Starting time:  12:30pm (i.e. half-past midday)
Duration:  ~30min riding each way, about 1-2hrs at the tram museum
Cost:  Admission to the museum is a gold coin donation

Please bring a drink and a snack if you think you will need sustenance before we return to the city. There is no café attached to the museum. (There are bathroom facilities.)

If you’re not sure why to expect, why not also check out our previous visit to the Melbourne Tram Museum.


Bromptons to Beer  (Friday 4 August)
A bit of an impromptu thing, but it could become regular… a few of us are also catching up for a Friday night beer, to discuss life, Beer and all things Brompton.

First stop is Mountain Goat Beer at 80 North Street Richmond from about 5pm. After one beer, the conversation moves a few streets away to…

Moon Dog Craft Brewery at 17 Dukes Street Abbotsford for another beer. If you can’t meet up until about 6pm, you might be best to head directly to Moon Dog.

The aim is to have a quiet drink with friends, not to go on a boozer or pub crawl. However, if you find you’ve had one or two too many drinks at the end of your night out, the good news is that your Brompton will have no trouble riding with you in the cab/uber/tram/train on your way home.  : )


About Dayna

I'm interested in nature, hiking and photography - but these have been somewhat overwhelmed by a new passion... my Brompton folding bikes! You can follow me on Twitter: @daynaa2000 or @Brompton_MEL Or find me hanging out most Saturdays at Velo Electric & Folding (http://velocycles.com.au/folding-bikes/) or on a Melbourne Brompton Club ride! (https://melbournebromptonclub.wordpress.com)
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