End of Year Brewery Ride – Saturday 7 December, 2019

It’s that time of year again!

Yep, the time of year when I palm another ride off to Cory and – just for something new and completely out of the blue, it’s going to be… a Brewery Ride! 🤣

OK, maybe a brewery ride isn’t so unexpected, but this time IS a little different as we’re going to #drinklocal and stay within the one (local) area. Given our location – it’s not that hard.

Where: Brompton Junction, 755 Nicholson Street, Carlton North
When: 4pm to start riding by 4:30pm
Bring: Brompton, lights, money, MYKI, lots of smiles

Another difference with this ride is that we’re going to ride out to the brewery furtherest away and then work our way back in, visiting a few new, and a few faves along the way:

  • The Foreigner Brewing
  • Inner North
  • Temple
  • Thunder Road

There’s food at the final two, but (as with all our rides) we reserve the right to decide to settle in somewhere instead. 🤔🤣

Thanks to everyone who has joined our rides throughout the year, joined in the conversation, and helped grow the #BromptonFamily here in Melbourne and Australia more broadly.  We wish you all a safe and happy holiday season.

Happy Bromptoneering everyone!

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Docklands to Williamstown – Sunday 24 November 2019

Who’s up for a lazy Sunday ride? Plenty of you, I hope!

Sure, it’s nothing we haven’t done before, but with new members coming on all the time it’s one that everyone can reasonably expect to achieve – both in length and because it’s pretty flat. It was also the most popular option voted for in our FaceBook poll.

When: 10:15am to ride by 10:30am
Where: Cow Up A Tree, Docklands (nearest train station is Southern Cross)
Length: ~24km 
Duration: 3-4hrs which includes ~2hrs riding plus a stop at Williamstown for coffee, brunch, ice cream etc.
What to bring: Water/drink, suncream, MYKI, spare tube, appropriate clothing, cash (for food/drinks and $5 for the punt of a weekend), lots of smiles

Upcoming rides & events

Our end of year ride is being organised by Cory and yep, you guessed it – it’s going to be a brewery ride! Details TBC.

Early next year we’ll look to do the Bellarine Rail Trail again. This was a popular suggestion for this month, but unfortunately the train is unavailable this Sunday which ruled it out. I realise that many of us can ride the whole way from Geelong to Queenscliffe and back, but for some other members it’s too far. The plan for this month was to offer an easy ride so we’ll re-visit the Bellarine RT in Jan, maybe Feb 2020.

As always, if anyone has a suggestion for a new, safe, ride route please let me know. If anyone would like to contribute their Brompton story to this blog post, please also let me know! Contact me (Dayna) at melbournebromptonclub@gmail.com

Happy Bromptoneering everyone!  : )

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Lilydale to Warburton Rail Trail – Tuesday 5 November 2019

Yep, Melbourne Cup Day – a perfect opportunity to get out and enjoy the Yarra Valley on our Brompton bikes!

You can see why it’s such a popular ride!

‘The Warby’ as it’s commonly known (although it goes by a few names) is a popular Rail Trail; close to Melbourne, scenic, many access points, doable as a return ride in one day or as a far more leisurely two-day ride. Best of all Lilydale Station is right at the start (or end) of it, meaning you don’t have to rely on having a car to get there.

Ride Overview

Starting Point: Lilydale Train Station 
Starting Time: 9am (Tues, 5 Nov)
Ride Length: 80km (40km each way)
Duration: ~6hrs riding, 7-8hrs including rest & lunch stops
RSVP: by 22 October to melbournebromptonclub@gmail.com particularly if you wish to join the group lunch reservation (see more below).

We will be aiming for an average speed of more than 15kph. That sounds easy enough, but there’s a lot more downhill on the way out than there is on the way back. It’s a long slog back up Mt Evelyn – it’s not particularly steep, but it can get tiring.

Further Details

For comprehensive information about the trail, refer to the Rail Trails Australia website. I’m not re-typing it here, so please have a look at that link if you’re not already familiar with this trail.

If you haven’t ridden rail trails on your Brompton yet, the big questions you probably want answered are:

  1. How will my Brompton handle the surface of the trail?
    The trail surface on The Warby is one of the most consistent and best graded I’ve ridden – possibly because it attracts so many visitors from experienced riders to young families just out for a gentle ride, but thumbs up to Yarra Ranges Council all the same. The surface isn’t sealed for most of the 40km route, but as long as you ride within your skill level you’ll be fine.
  2. Will I need to change my tyres?
    You should definitely check your tyres for glass or other embedded objects about to dig in too far and cause a puncture, but it’s very unlikely that the trail surface itself will cause a puncture.
  3. So I do I need to take a spare tube or toolkit?
    Think of these items like carrying an umbrella; when you carry one, you end up not needing it. Of course that doesn’t always work, but then at least you have what you need on hand to fix a flat! So yes, bring a spare tube and toolkit (&/or patch kit).
  4. Are we stopping for lunch?
    You betcha! RSVP to melbournebromptonclub@gmail.com no later than Tuesday 22 October if you’re coming so I can make a reservation at one of the cafes in Warburton. We will have rest stops on the way, but lunch will be in Warburton.
  5. Are there comfort stops along the way?
    Yes, there are places we can take a break if needed – this is one of the best supported rail trails in that regard. Please refer to the link above for a map and more details for facilities available at rest stops.
  6. What if I can’t manage the ride back?
    If you don’t have a family/friend/other you can call on, I think Goldfields Bike Tours offer transport back to Lilydale – for a fee, of course. Alternatively, you can sign up for RACV Bike Assist and they’ll help you out.

What to Bring

  • Your Brompton in good working condition (ie tyres inflated, chain clean & lubed, brakes and gears are working well)
  • Helmet (of course)
  • Water bottle(s)
  • Spare tube, patch kit, toolkit
  • Suncream, sun protection, rain jacket, riding gloves, warm layer etc depending on weather forecast
  • Snack(s)
  • Money for lunch (let me know if you’re coming on the ride but prefer to make your own lunch arrangements)
  • MYKI (if you’re catching the train to the start)
  • Bike Cover for the end of the ride (especially if you’re putting it into the back of your car)

    It can be quite dusty on the trail. On the other hand – it wasn’t mud.

In the meantime, happy Bromptoneering!

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