Docklands to Altona – Sunday, 29 May 2022

Time to breath some salty air again with a ramble along the Bay Trail west to Altona.

The pretty flat terrain makes this an easy ride for all to join – fingers crossed it’s not going to be a particularly windy day. If you’re concerned about the distance you can opt to ride one way and catch the train the back, or simply meet us at Altona. The route is predominantly on share path; there’s a short section through Williamstown that will be on the road, and any exploration of Altona.

  • Meeting Place: Cow Up A Tree, Docklands
  • Meeting Time: 10am
  • Distance: approx 24.5km one way to Altona (26-28km one way if we include a lap around Cherry Lake for something different)
  • Duration: approx 2-2.5hrs one way, approx 6hrs round trip (including lunch stop)

For our lunch stop, you can bring your own or choose from one of many choices along Pier St (Altona). Logan Reserve (corner Pier St and Esplanade) is a nice spot to base ourselves – a couple of people can watch the bikes and bags while the rest of us go and forage for lunch. There are also public toilets available.

Melbourne Brompton Club under a large fig tree in Logan Reserve, Altona

Altona Station is a very easy 400m from the beachfront. If anyone isn’t up for the ride back (no judgement at all) this is a great option to get back to the city (or whichever is your closest station). And again, if you would prefer to meet us at Altona, please aim to be at Logan Reserve by noon.

To bring:

  • Brompton! (Don’t forget to check your tyre pressure before leaving home.)
  • Helmet (it’s the law)
  • Water/Drink bottle
  • Suncream / sunglasses / appropriate layers for the weather
  • Waterproof layer if the forecast suggests it’s good idea
  • Spare tube
  • MYKI
  • Money for lunch


We had a couple of people enquired before our last ride whether non-Brompton folding bikes would be welcome along. For the record, yes – everyone (Brompton owner or not) is welcome to join us providing their bike is in a safe, rideable condition, you get along nicely with everyone in the group, and ride in a safe and considerate manner.

Bromptons are what (most of us) have in common; it gives us somewhere to start a conversation with someone we haven’t met before. And riding the same type of bike evens the field it comes to riding as a group and planning rides.


It’s very unlikely that there’s be a ride in June as I’ll be away, so next club social ride is most likely to be Sunday 3 July. Save the date!

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Weekday ride – Wed 4 May 2022

I’ve held off posting this because the forecast isn’t great and I wasn’t sure we’d go ahead. The ride is for David, visiting from London with his Brompton. He hasn’t been able to make the last two Sunday rides so this is a last ditch effort for him to meet a few of us on a ‘MBC ride’.

If you’re prepared to brave the weather, meet at Cow Up A Tree (Docklands) at 10am. Where we go will be decided by whomever turns up (and the weather).

Will it be a proper ride? Will it be just sharing stories over coffee? Come along and find out!

David visiting Brompton Junction Melbourne

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Relaxed ride to North Coburg – Sunday 1 May, 2022

Weather permitting, next Sunday we’ll enjoy a relaxed ride from Russell Station to Coburg Lakes. The route is gently undulating and follows Merri Creek Trail. Whilst not overly taxing, this is a great trail for beginners to practice using your gears and enjoy some beautiful scenery along the way. A lunch stop in Coburg North is included.

Meeting point: The open area out the front of Rushall Station on Russell Crescent, Fitzroy North. There is some car parking available here. Alternatively you may wish to ride from the city (allow 25-30min from Fed Square) or catch a tram (No’s 11 or 86).

Meeting time: 10:00am

Route length: 10.3km (20.6km return) with a lunch break in the middle.

Ride duration: 3-3.5hr comprising 2hr riding (1hr each way) plus lunch break (1-1.5hrs). This is a “relaxed” ride, aiming for an average pace of about 10kph (i.e. sometimes a bit faster, sometimes a bit slower), or whatever pace the slowest rider on the day is comfortable maintaining.

Ride Elevation: There’s a little bit of up and down in parts, but nothing too worrisome even if you’re a beginner. The hills at the end are all in Coburg Lake Reserve.

Lunch stop: The Generator Urban Eatery. The food includes Vegan and Gluten Free options and it all looks delicious! Not very surprisingly, Google suggests that Sundays are a very popular time there, so take away (to eat back at the park) might be the best course of action for lunch. (This way if you prefer to bring your own food you won’t feel left out – and it won’t upset the cafe.)

What to bring:

  • Clothing suitable for the weather
  • Water/drink bottle
  • Money for lunch (or incase you need to call a taxi/uber)
  • MYKI in case you need to catch PT
  • Spare tube & emergency pump
  • Smiles!

In preparation for the ride, please ensure to check your tyres are not flat (65-110psi is Schwalbe’s recommended range), your battery has enough charge (if you have an electric) and your bike’s in good working condition.

If you have any queries or concerns about the ride, you are welcome to contact me at If you just wish to indicate your attendance (and you’re not on Facebook, or prefer not to use FB) then you’re welcome to post a comment to this post. Please don’t include your personal contact details when commenting – email me instead.

Can’t make it this time? I’ll endeavour to plan the next ride for 29th May. Looking forward to seeing you soon.


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