Fed Square to Black Rock – Sunday 18 April, 2021

Let’s go and breath some salty air!

This ride is aimed at everyone comfortable riding 24km+ at an easy to moderate pace. I would encourage you to come and have a go even if you’re not entirely sure, as there are couple of options along the way (tram stops at St Kilda, train stations at Brighton Beach and Sandringham) to jump on Public Transport if anyone wishes to stop, or has a mechanical.

Faster riders are welcome to venture on ahead, however if the weather is even semi-decent, the number of other path users means a more relaxed pace makes for a more enjoyable ride overall.

Meet at: Federation Square
Meeting time: 10am
Route Length: 47km return (one-way and shorter options available)
Duration: ~4hrs
Terrain: Flat and easy
To Bring: Appropriate clothes/layers for the weather, money, MYKI, spare tube, suncream

Departing Federation Square, the terrain is flat and easy riding to the bay and continues so heading south along the foreshore with only a couple of slight rises, the largest of which is the slow rise from Hampton up to Black Rock (but it’s a rise, not a hill).

The turn around point is The Cerberus Beach House at Black Rock. It’s a short but steep-ish ride down from the road (good practice using your brakes), but they have a kiosk with decent food… at least it was decent last time (a couple of years ago now) when I last passed by that way. Click here to check out the menu. This way we don’t have to worry about a reservation; just the weather. And if you prefer to bring your own food, you’re welcome to do so.

**Whilst the majority of the route is on off-road share path, please note that the last 3km is along a painted bike lane on Beach Road. (If the group decides they’re not comfortable riding his last part, Plan B is to go back to the shopping strip along Church St, Brighton for lunch options.)**

After lunch and a rest (and a couple of photos), and after we climb back up to the main road and path there are two choices for the return trip; Sandringham Station is only 3km back towards the city, otherwise we ride-off a good lunch.

If you’re intending to join in, please let me know by emailing me (Dayna) at melbournebromptonclub@gmail.com. Should you have any questions about the route, our rides, your abilities, or anything else Brompton, please don’t hesitate to reach out via the same email address.

Happy riding!

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Yarra Valley Rail Trail – Monday 8 March

With any luck you’ll be thinking “What shall I do with my extra day off next weekend?”. Our suggestion is to come along and check our the new Yarra Valley Rail Trail (“YVRT”) from Lilydale to Yering with us!

The trail to Yering is only Stage 1A of the YVRT which will eventually extend all the way to Healesville. This is a short, flat and easy ride which is perfect for riders looking to increase their confidence, through to experienced riders who enjoy a sociable day out.

Meeting location: Lilydale Train Station Carpark, towards the back
Meeting time: 11am

Ride length: 15km (7.5km each way. I don’t think there’s anything at Yering to stop and see.)
Trail Surface: light gravel, perfectly fine for Bromptons
Duration: Approx 1.5-2hrs depending on riders on the day. This is a social ride to be enjoyed, not a race.
Elevation: Pretty flat – read more trail details

How To Get There: Train (arrives at Lilydale 10:55am) or Private vehicle
Public Toilets: Definitely available at Lilydale, unlikely at Yering.
Options: If we return to Lilydale and feel like riding further, we could take a spin around the lake, or do part of the trail to Warburton – or we might just go and find something for lunch.

What To Bring (suggestions):

  • Brompton (tyres inflated, chain lubed, ready to ride)
  • Water bottle
  • Snack (in case you get peckish on the ride)
  • Suncream
  • Appropriate clothing for the weather
  • Helmet (it’s still the law)
  • Money (if we stop at a cafe after the ride and you’d like to join in)

Please let me know if you intend to come along so I can contact you if plans change -> melbournebromptonclub@gmail.com

If you’re not sure whether this ride is for you, please reach out and we’ll start a conversation -> melbournebromptonclub@gmail.com

If you have a friend who would like to join you/us and doesn’t own a Brompton, they’re welcome to come along as long as they’re friendly, polite, and can stand being around a group of people who like to talk about Bromptons – a lot. If they’d like to try a Brompton for themselves, please contact me at work: Brompton Junction Melbourne (melbourne@bromptonbikes.com.au).

Happy riding!

: ) Dayna

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Upcoming Brompton Rides – February-March 2021

There are two upcoming Brompton rides for people to choose to join; the first is the “Poker Run” organised by Brompton Bicycle Australia (“BBA”) and the second will be our postponed club social ride.

Sunday 28 February – “Poker Run”

(This is not a MBC social ride.) This ride is organised by BBA and Rapha Australia/Melbourne. People will meet at the Rapha clubhouse in the city, then ride to four more locations. At each stop (including the first meeting point) each rider collects a playing card. At the last location you’ll then have 5 cards; the rider with the best “poker hand” wins a prize. You don’t need to ride a Brompton to join the ride.

Registration is free and required. Use this link to register, view the route map and view the full event details: https://ti.to/rapha-cycling-club/bromton-city-rollers-poker-run (No points for spotting the typo.)

Although I have been advised that this is “not a race” – because no one wins a prize until everyone gets to the last stop and receives their 5th card – reports from a similar ride held last year would suggest that riders who are able to maintain a faster pace (averaging 20kph+) and have some ability to fix their own mechanicals will have a more enjoyable day out.

Sunday 7 March OR Monday 8 March – postponed February MBC social ride

This is the Labor Day long weekend here in Victoria – please let me know in the next couple of days whether you’d prefer a ride on the Sunday or Monday. While you’re at it, where to?

We can probably get more adventurous if people vote for a Sunday ride – Geelong perhaps?

If you can join a ride on one of those dates, let me know by emailing me (Dayna) at melbournebromptonclub@gmail.com – or comment below! (Please do not include your contact details if you comment below; an email is better for that.)

Stay safe and keep riding in the meantime!

: ) Dayna

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