“Goodbye 2020” Club Ride – Saturday 28 November, 2020

Yep. This is our third and last club social ride for 2020!

If you’re available and wish to join us next Saturday, 28 November, you MUST RSVP to attend this ride to comply with Covid-Safe regulations. We are permitted a maximum of 10 people in the group. If you cannot RSVP using the Facebook link, please email melbournebromptonclub@gmail.com

We’ll be rolling out of Brompton Junction Melbourne shortly after the 4pm closing time. I will close as promptly as possible at 4pm to avoid creating a crowd on the footpath. There is currently a limit of 4 customers in the store at any one time, so although I would love to invite everyone in while I close up (as has happened previously) I may not be able to do so this year.

From there, it’s about a 20 min ride west, almost entirely following the Capital City Trail share path, to Bonehead Brewing. The brewery is a very short ride to the following train stations:
1. Macaulay Station (Upfield)
2. Kensington Station (Craigieburn)

Ride, or fold and head home when you’re done.

The crew at Bonehead are happy for BYO food, or you can arrange for your own takeaway food to be delivered.

If you are unable to make it along this time and raise a glass to a better year ahead, we hope we’ll have the opportunity to ride together again in 2021!

Keep well and Brompton-on!

Dayna 🙂

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Results – Brompton World Challenge 2020

The first virtual #BromptonWorldChallenge was taken up and enjoyed by many riders from all over the globe. I hope some of our readers participated in the fun! There were some truly outstanding entries for the different challenges, not lease of which was the #FastestFold! Woooweeee! 4.392 seconds! Check it out here: https://twitter.com/BromptonBicycle/status/1298677606557061120?s=20

As for our local efforts, I’ve compiled the photos from Instagram and Facebook shared with the hashtags #mybwc and #bromptonsofmelbourne We have entries for:

Best Dressed
Definitely the hottest contested of all the challenges. As with all BWC events – whether that’s a Brompton World Championship or Challenge – the golden rule when it comes to attire is no Lycra allowed! (Well, none that anyone’s allowed to see without being immodest, anyway.)

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Best Scenery
Hot on the heels of Best Dressed for most entries submitted was Best Scenery.

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Fastest fold
There’s only one entry (thanks Cory!) and you’ll need to click on this link and swipe (R->L) to see the fastest fold.

Highest point
Compared to some from around the world, the Melbourne Exhibition Building (Carlton Gardens) is almost sea level. But when you can only travel 5km in any direction…

Punkiest pet
I had hoped that we’d see a few pooches – maybe even a kitty kat – taking part in this one, but it was just me and my Kiwi. I don’t think he minded being stuffed into the Game Bag because, let’s face it, he was already pretty stuffed.

“Faster! You’re getting left behind!” – front bag rider

Honorable Mentions
Cheering from the sidelines, and not *quite* taking part were a few extra Brompton riders. We hope you feel confident enough to step onto the field and join in all the fun next time. I’ve also included a couple of other photos that were shared but didn’t obviously link to a challenge.

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A big Thank You to everyone for your great contributions! Everyone clearly had fun being involved. Voting for your favourite photos is being conducted on our Facebook group page (click here); prizes will be sent out at the end of the week.

Stay safe and keep riding! 😀

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Brompton World Challenge – BWC2020

***UPDATE: Prudential Ride London has extended the event period to be from Saturday 15 August to Sunday 23 August. If you wish to participate in our local competition please post your photos (see instructions below) by Monday 24 August.***

Are you ready for some fun this weekend?!

A Brompton World Championship has been held annual since 2008 (the first was in Barcelona in 2006). In its current form a BWC is a huge event, held in conjuction with Prudential Ride London’s massive weekend of cycling events in London. Brompton riders from around the world gather on the Mall, dressed in their finest, and ride (race) laps around St James’ park. If you’ve been, you’ll know it’s an absolute blast!

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In a year turned upside down, Brompton Bicycle were facing the cancellation of the iconic Brompton World Championship! To keep the spirit alive, it has been reinvented as as virtual event – the Brompton World Challenge. Best of all, everyone can join in the fun – even us here in Melbourne under Level 4 lockdown restrictions!

To register for the event (it’s free!) go to https://www.brompton.com/events/brompton-world-challenge There are additional ride options for people living outside Melbourne who aren’t limited by a 1hr daily exercise limit, but Melburnians will need to register for the Freecycle option for this reason.

Once you register, you’ll need to download the app which times your ride and has the selfie-frame for the various photo challenges.

Official prizes will be awarded for:

  • Best Dressed
  • Highest Point
  • Beautiful Scenery
  • A Good deed
  • Fastest Fold

As the global pool of entrants is likely to be quite large (and thus our chances of winning a prize quite small), Brompton Junction Melbourne has kindly donated prizes for local riders. Due to local restrictions we will be judging submissions for:

  • Longest distance – ridden in 1hr on a Brompton
  • Best Mask/Best Dressed – Brompton should be included in photo
  • Punkiest Pet – alive or stuffed (or at least very tired). Brompton must be included in photo.
  • Fastest Fold – Start/Stop must be performed by the folder
  • Beautiful Scenery
  • A Good Deed 

Follow these steps to be included with our local group and for your chance to win:

  1. Post your photos Instagram &/or Facebook &/or Twitter
  2. Use the hashtages #myBWC #bromptonsofmelbourne
  3. Tag Melbourne Brompton Club and Brompton Junction Melbourne (see below for details)
  4. Photos must be posted by Monday 24th August (updated)
  5. Location (suburb or landmark) must be shown in photo
Melbourne Brompton Club Brompton Junction Melbourne
Instagram @melbourne_brompton @bromptonjunctionmelb
Facebook MBC FB group BJM FB page
Twitter @Brompton_MEL @BromptonJnMelb

We are planning a zoom catchup on the following Friday/Saturday to recap the weekend, share our favourite photos, and announce the winners! If you wish to take part in the zoom meeting, please email me at melbournebromptonclub@gmail.com and I’ll send you a link in due course. I’ll also try to be organised and share the winning entries and honourable mentions in a follow-up blog.

We’re really looking forward to seeing everyone get out and have some fun! 😀

Who recognises the lapel pin Will BA is wearing?!  ;D
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